In times of stagnant summer heat, contact and quality of life restrictions due to the corona pandemic and the need to wear mouth and nose protection, you want a lot.

An improvement in the health situation of all those affected, to finally be able to move freely again without limitations and to follow the call of the mountains and nature. Enjoy clear mountain air, freshly snow-covered slopes and the solitude far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Impeccable and innovative equipment is essential for such an experience to be carefree. This is what drives each of us in the Climbing Skins Tirol family to develop and manufacture the highest quality and safest product. Secure your tour experience today with our premium climbing skins!

The advantages of our ski skins:

  • Weight: Due to our technology, our skins have the best possible weight saving.
  • Price: By excluding the intermediate trade, we can optimally adapt our price calculation.
  • B2C: Guaranteed direct contact with the producer in order to offer the best possible help.
  • Know How: 45 years of experience in the production of ski slope skins
  • Handmade: Many of our work steps are still carried out by hand by our top employees.

Our distribution channel: