frequently asked Questions

How long does a pair of skins last?

It all depends on how often you go yourself. When used properly, a pair of skins will last around 80 tours. So if you go almost every weekend in winter, you should get by with a couple of skins for a good 2 years.

What is the difference between synthetic and 100 mohair skins? 




How do I dry the skins after a tour 

You should hang up the skins at normal room temperature, please do not place them over the oven or the hot heater. The adhesive surface could get hot and melt, so unevenness in the adhesive surface could arise.

Can I recondition a used fur??

Yes, you can rub the fur with a special wax to improve the water-repellent layer again. You can find such a wax in our accessories shop. Furthermore, we can coat the skin with new glue only for the glue skin and other accessories can also be reordered.den.

Why are your skins so cheap 

We sell directly from our production to the end customer and thus prevent intermediate trade. By preventing this intermediate step, we can provide the end customer with the best possible price.

Why should I buy your skins??

In addition to the production in the heart of Tyrol, care is of course to procure only the best possible materials, all of which are made in Europe by renowned and long-lasting companies. You can also contact our company directly if you have any questions, which has over 45 years of experience in ski skin production.

Can I have the fur adjusted by you too??

Of course we are ready to adapt the skin directly to your skis, but please note that our company is in Innsbruck-Land and sending skis will not be cheap. But if you live nearby or are currently in Innsbruck-Land, we are ready to adapt the skin directly to the ski for a small flat fee of 10.