data protection

Data Protection Directive

1. Introduction

We set great attention on the protection of your data and privacy as the protection of your personal data is very important to us. In the following text we want to inform you, which  personal data of yours we need, why we need that personal data and in which extent we use it. 

We store personal data only when required and only to the extent necessary:

  • for the supply of our services
  • for contract implementation (including initiation, conclusion, performance and termination of a contract)
  • for the processing and answering of requests (contact form)
  •  to ensure the protection of customer accounts
  • for continious improvements of our services and product offering
  • for the creation and maintance of our social media brand
  • for the efficient communication with clients and the transmission of relevant information
  • for prevention, disclosure and investigation of possible prohibent and illegal activities and for the enforcement of our terms of service

  • The responsible corporation for data collection, processing and use of your personal data on, according to data protection law, is the Climbing Skins Tirol GmbH, Valiergasse 15, A-6020 Innsbruck.

    To ensure your knowledge of the collection, processing and use of your personal data on our homepage, we have summarized this information comprehensively and clearly. We want to ensure you, that we are trying to implement all organizational and technical requirements, to protect your data in the best possible way. With the usage of this website, you are accepting the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the described extent. The data-collection and -storage can be rejected with future effect. If you have any questions regarding collection, processing and use of your data, further information, correction, limitations or deletion of data as well as the withdrawal of consent or appeal against a certain use of data, please contact us at:

    Climbing Skins Tirol GmbH
    Thomas Feldegger
    Valiergasse 15
    6020 Innsbruck

    2. Which personalized data do we collect and how do we use it

    2.1 Data submitted. When you visit our homepage, correspond with us, participate at on of our advertising campaigns or surveys, you probably transmit data about yourself. This can be data which allows the identification of your person ("personalized data"). If we ask you for personal information, we collect the data which is attached to the formular or at the corresponding pages. On your own behalf you can provide us with more information as required if you contact us directly or communicate with us in other ways.

    2.2 If you are a frequent visitor of our website, you have the additional option to register yourself  by creating an user account. The data, which is provided at the process of registration, can include your name, email adress and mobil number. If you complete the registration to create an user account, you also get an individual password, which allows you to log in to your user account.

    2.3 If you registrate yourself at our newsletter service or other ways of communication, you possibly provide us with information about your name, email adress, gender, date of birth and other interests of yours.

    2.4 The personalized data that you provide us with, will be used for the purpose to enable you to use our website and purchase products on our online-shop. In a broader sense we use this data for management, error processing and to provide you with marketing information (as far as you have consented to obtain marketing information). As explained below, we can use this personal data for other purposes at certain circumstances.

    2.5 If you visit our website, we can automatically collect the following data: IP-adress; Log-In data; location, browser plug-in types and versions; operating system and platform; information of your visit, including URL click stream on, through and from our website; product pages that you visit or that you have searched for; download errors; duration of your visit of certain pages and interactions between the pages. The automatic data collection is carried out by the use of certain technologies, including "cookies".

    2.6 We use data, which is automatically collected by us (1) to manage our website regarding internal activities including error management; (2) to ensure that the content on our website is visualized effectively on all end devices; (3) to ensure safety and protection aspects on our website; (4) to measure and understand advertising activities effectively, which is distributed to you and others and to ensure the distribution of relevant advertising activities; (5) to provide you and other users website suggestions and recommendations about products and services, which can be of interest.

    2.7 To the extent permitted by law, we can use and summarize the data you provided on our website and the data of other sources, including social media websites and cookie related data. We can use our data and summarized data, to get more knowledge about preferences of our customers, to optimize the customer experience of our website and to provide you with information, content and offerings which are matched to your needs.

    3.Disclosure and distribution of data

    We are allowed to distribute your data for purposes which are mentioned in this directive, to third parties which are also mentioned in this directive. We can also share your data with third parties, if: (1) it is necessary to include an extern service provider in order to enhance or simplify our services; (2) it is explicitly required by yourself (e.g. social media networks); (3) it is required officially by an order of the court or judicial authorities; (4) it is associated with the sale and transfer of a corporation; (5) it is necessary for the enforcement of our terms of service; (6) it is required to guarentee the protection and safety of our users, consumers and third parties; (7) it is necessary to guarentee the protection of our rights and properties  as well as the rights and properties of our guests and third parties. 

    Our suppliers and service providers are obligated to follow our standard practice regarding data usage and safety. Data we provide to them, including your personal data, is limited to the extinct so that they can fullfill their tasks. 

    4. Google Analytics

    Our website uses Googly Analytics, a web-analysis tool of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics also uses cookies of Google (Google-Analytics-Cookies) and so called third party cookies (Double-Click-Cookies). Information regarding your usage of this website, which is obtained through these cookies (including your IP-adress), is stored and transfered on a server of Google Inc. in the USA. Google will use the information to evaluate and summarize your website activity in reports for our company. Subsequently it is also used to provide us with more services regarding website usage, internet usage like display advertising, remarketing, integration of double click campaign manager or Google Analytics- reports to measure performance regarding demografic variables and interests. Google may also transfer this data to third parties if this is legally enforced or this third parties process the data in the name of Google. Google will not bring your IP adress in relation to your personal data in any means. Our website uses Google Analytics inclusive functions of Universal Analytics. Universal Analyitcs grants us possibility to analyze activites on our website across all devices. There are no personal related data transfered to Google. Although that with the use of Universal Google adds multiple functions to Google Analytics, this does not mean a limitation of our measurements regarding data protection. With use of this website you are accepting the usage and analyzing of your data (by Google) in the explained way. 

    We want to mention also, that our website, to enhance the data protection regarding Google analytics, uses the add-on "anonymizIp()". Ip adresses are therefore only gathered in short-versions. This means that there is no direct relation to your person within the analyzed and used data. You can also decline the Google Cookie with a Add-On of your Internet Browser.

    Therefore you can use your right to decline the data- gathering, -proceeding and -usage by Google Analytics (with future effect). By installing deactivation add-ons within your browser, you can prevent data savings of your website visits. Further information is available at

    You can also deactivate Google Analytics for display advertising and adjust your display settings withing the Google display network:

    5. Trusted Shops

    Display of our Trusted Shop certificate, as offering Trusted Shop products for buyers after purchasing on this website, the Trusted Shop badge is included on this Website.

    This is to be able to market our products in an optimal way by providing possibilites of a secure purchasing process regarding DSGVO Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit.f. The trust badge and included services services of the Trust Badge, are products of the Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15C, 50823 Köln. This Trust Badge is provided within a order proceeding by a CDN-provider (Content-Delivery-Network). Trusted Shops GmbH also uses providers of the USA. An adequate data protection is secured. Further informations of data protection of the Trusted Shops GmbH are available at:

    By page-viewing the Trustbade, the webserver is saving server-logfiles automatically, which also includes Ip-adress, date, time, transmitted data amount and the applying provider (access-data). Single access-data is saved in a security-data base to analyize noticable security-breaches. The Logfiles are deleted (latest) after 90 days automatically.

    Further personal data are transferred to Trusted Shops GmbH, if you are using a Trusted Shops products after your purchase, or if you have already registrated to use these products. It applies the agreement within you and Trusted Shops GmbH. For this an data collection along your provided order-data is done automatically. If you are a buyer and already registrated for the use of Trusted Shops products, your cryptologic one-way hashed e-mail is controlled within a neutral parameter. Before transmitted, this e-mail is encrypted via hash-value. After controlling a possible match, this parameter is deleted automatically.

    This is necessary to succesfully provide Trusted Shops within their interests to offer a purchase protection for our customers regarding their concrete purchasements and transcational valuation services on our website regarding DSGVO Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. . Further details, including contradiction, are available in the linked Trustbadge - Trusted Shops data protection above.

    6. Opt-in and Opt-out regarding Direct Marketing

    6.1 We and selected third parties are allowed to proceed your data provided on our website for measurements regarding direct marketing. Eg. Updates, Newsletter, Event notifications or other messages we think are in your interest. If legally necessary, we will collect your consent before sending you this messages. There is a Opt-out possibility on every message provided.

    6.2 If your are subscribing our newsletter, we only use your seperately provided data, to regurlarly transmit our newsletter to you within your consent (Art. 6 Abs. 1 S. 1 lit. a DSGVO).

    It is possible to sign out at any given moment. This can be done by transmitting a message to our contact details on the website or by use of the link within the newsletter. After signing out we are deleting your email adress, if you have not accepted further use of your data by consent, or if we use our reserved rights of data usage within the legal framework (as communicated on this page).

    7. Analyzing and ADS

    We use software of third parties, like Turn Audience Suite and Salesforce DMP, to display advertising in a relevant and interesting way on our homepage (and homepages of partners). For this we use Cookies, Web beacons or similar technologies, to collect data regarding your usage data (see 2.7 above) and provide interest based advertisements. Further information at: (for Turn Audience Suite) (For data collection of Salesforce DMP)

    You can decline these services at any time, by clicking on the following link: (for Turn) and (for Salesforce DMP).

    8. Cookies and other technologies

    We collect data automatically with the use of Cookies. Cookie is a text file, which contains a small data amount a website sends to your browser and is saved as an anonym tag on your computer, to identify you computer but not your person. Some pages of our website use Cookies, to enhance our services if you are returning at a later moment. You can adjust your browser settings, that the browser gives you notice before receiving a cookie. This gives you possibility to decide if you accept the Cookie or decline. You can also adjust your browser so that Cookies are deactivated. By doing so some services probably won't work properly on our website.

    9. Links to other websites and social media

    9.1 The mentioning of links to other website only serves for informational aspects. Other website are not in our control and therefore are not included with this guideline on this page. By viewing other website with the provided links there is possibility that the operators of the other website also collect data of yours, which the providers may use withing their data-protection guideline, which may differs from ours.

    9.2 On some pages of our website content, applications or plug-ins of third parties can be provided, which can track your usage of content, applications or plug-ins and may optimize your use of those. For example, if you share a product article withing social media (share button for Facebook, Twitter, etc.) from our website, this process is saved by the social network which created the share button. More information is available in our Cookie-Guideline.

    10.Data Storage

    We won't store your data longer as it is necessary regarding legal framework or business purposes. We want to mention that in some cases we hold back some data if you have registrated an account on our website. For example if it is necessary to fulfill our legal duties like storage of data regarding taxation and accounting purposes.

    11. Your Rights

    11.1 Right of access to your personal data. If you want a copy of your stored personal data, please contact us at our email within our provided contact details. Before replying it may be necessary to verify yourself (identity). We will try to proceed within a appropriate time frame (within legal requirements).

    11.2 Right on correction, deletion or limitation the usage of personal related data. If you want to correct, delete or limit your use of personal data please contact us at our email within our provided contact details. It is within your duty to provide true and complete data.

    11.3 Right of withdrawal. If you have accepted the use of your personal data, you can withdraw from that decision at any time. Please contact us at our email within our provided contact detail.

    11.4 Right on data transfer. You are granted the possibility to ask us, if we can help you to transfer some of your data to other corporations. Therefore your data is transfered in a readable format. Please contact us at our email within our provided contact detail.

    11.5 Right to refuse. You can refuse to accept the way we proceed your personal data or the profiling based on direct marketing, if interested. Please contact us at our email within our provided contact detail.

    11.6 Right to not be subject of automated decision making processes.

    11.7 Right of complaint at a supervisory authority. You can apply your complaints at a regional supervisory authority, if you want to complain about our usage of your personal data.

    11.8 If you have registrated a personal account, you have access to personal data we have collected regarding your person and also receive a copy and do corrections and addons on uncorrect data (or delete it). You can delete your personal account at any time.

    11.9 If you want to apply on of the mentioned rights (11.1 - 11.8), please contact us at

    12.Data Safety

    12.1 We use adequate protection measurements , to protect your personal data (collected by us) regarding unauthorized access, unauthorized collection, usage, publication, duplication, adjustments or deletion. All data, you have provided to us, is stored on safe servers.

    12.2 If you have a password for the use of our website, you are commited to protect this password and are responsible for the confidentiality of the password.

    13.Transmission via Internet

    13.1 As the Internet is providing a global platform, the collection and use of personal related data includes inevitably the international transmitting of data. We store personal related data, which we collect regarding your person, usally in your region (for example European Economic Area for visitors from Europe), but it may occur, that personal data is also is transmitted to parties from other regions, where other data protection rights are applied. If this case is occuring, we ensure the that transmission is within contractual or other measurements of data protection.

    14.Website-Use by minors (underaged)

    If you are 17 years or younger, you must collect the consent of your parents or legal guardians, before you transmit your data to us via our website. Without this consent, it is permitted to proceed with the data entry. If you are nevertheless transmitting data to us, we will stop the data usage at the moment we get notice of the case.

    15.Guide-Line changes

    This Guide-line has been adapted las on April 12th, 2020. You agree on those terms (including changes) with your continued use of our website.